What do you want from God this year?

how-to-ask-the-best-sales-questionsNow, you may think this is a weird question, or perhaps the wrong question. Maybe you are thinking, “Pastor, shouldn’t we be asking what God wants from us?” Well, did you know that on three occasions in the Bible, Jesus asked someone, “What do you want from me?” Why did He ask this? He asked this to help form clarity in the mind of the person he asked the question. Many times, we have not because we ask not. I want to get you focused on what you desire from God this year.

As we begin a new year, I want you to know that I am asking God for something specific. I am seriously praying and asking God to help you build trust this year. Trust in Him, trust in His Word, trust in other people, and trust in your home.

Perhaps you are in a situation where trust existed but has been lost. If so, this may be a year of rebuilding trust for you. You have a great year in front of you, and I believe it’s going to be your best year ever! Your best days are ahead, and they’ve already started! You know, sometimes the hardest part is just getting started. But we need to get moving because you can’t steer a parked car.

Even the simple act of getting started requires trust. Trust is built with consistency over time. You can’t microwave trust. Trust is more like slow crockpot cooking than a quick pop tart in a toaster. A mentor of mine told me several years ago that time is our greatest asset. Not money. Not relationships. Not our network. Not our stuff. Time is our greatest asset.

We can’t make more time.

We can’t get a refund on time.

And trust is built with consistency over time.


UnknownI love this quote: “Trust is built in drops and lost in buckets.” This statement from Kevin Plank, founder of Under Armour, is so true! Has your “trust bucket” ever been kicked over? How did that feel? As a Pastor, I want to acknowledge that we can trust God. Is that true? Yes, or yes? This year is pregnant with opportunity, but it will require us to build trust.

Over the next four posts, we will take a unique opportunity to talk about building trust. I have four thoughts for you about trust and four Psalms that I want us to look at together. Here are the four thoughts for you to begin considering.

  1. We can trust God with our FEAR.
  2. We can trust God with our FAILURE.
  3. We can trust God when we need FACTS.
  4. We can trust God when we need FOCUS.

So let me ask you again, what do you want from God this year? What would you do if you were brave, courageous, and fearless? Jesus Himself said, “Do not be afraid.” What is one way you can trust God more as you begin a new year?

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