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Roe vs. Wade | An Open Letter

JUNE 24th, 2022 An open letter to our church family… The US Supreme Court issued a landmark decision today overturning Roe vs. Wade in a six-to-three decision after nearly fifty years. Let’s be clear. We celebrate this decision because we are a life-affirming family of faith. We believe God is the Author of life, and…

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. To understand Martin Luther King, Jr., a brief overview of history is helpful. In 1777, the Vermont legislature became the first to abolish slavery. “By 1820 slavery was no longer a national establishment. It was a southern enterprise. Of the 1.5 million slaves in the United States, 99 percent resided in…


Have you ever considered the simple truth that all you have to offer is YOU? If that is true, what are you offering? Is what you offer to those around you full of exhaustion and anxiety, or are you serving up your best?   Too often, daily tasks like sleeping enough, eating well, exercising regularly,…


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