In the month of December, twenty new blogs were posted, and the response has been encouraging. Thousands of people in over twenty countries read and listened. This month, we have reached people all over the United States. In addition, people have been reached in Thailand, The United Kingdom, Ukraine, Nepal, South Africa, Myanmar, Canada, France, Israel, South Korea, Norway, China, Finland, Kenya, Singapore, The Czech Republic, Uganda, Poland, Panama, and Switzerland. It is amazing how connected we are globally these days.

Here are the TOP 3 POSTS of December based on your views.


  1. 5 Lies I Hear as a Pastor
  2. BROKEN | The Example of Ruth
  3. Blessing and Cursing (new audio)

Wendy and I are committed to continuing blogging in 2020 and would like to ask for your help. Looking back over the past month, we see that your decision to share a post drastically improves the reach of the message. Would you consider being intentional about sharing the blogs as we continue in 2020? You could get started by clicking on any of the titles above and reposting one of the top 3 now.

Our next post will come out on January 1st.

We’ll see you in 2020!