Would you like to develop a healthier relationship with your spouse? Stephen and Wendy Cutchins are certified facilitators for a resource called Prepare/Enrich. The Prepare/Enrich program is designed to equip marriages, couples, and families with evidence-based skills and insights to foster healthy relationships. More than 4 million couples have enriched their relationship by taking the Prepare/Enrich assessment and working with Certified Facilitators.

“It was like we were sitting there with friends, good friends that we needed. They would just talk to us, listen, and give us advice. That changed everything, it really did.”

Josh and Whitney

Prepare/Enrich Participants

“We are so glad that we went through the Prepare/Enrich program! Stephen and Wendy guided us through the assessment and helped us talk and gain understanding with one another through the lens of marriage. Rather than talking at us, they provided us with applicable information and tools that we still use in our marriage to this day.”

Josh and Anna

Prepare/Enrich Participants

Prepare/Enrich will bring more joy to any marriage, not just couples experiencing tough times. The process is entirely online and involves a brief questionnaire followed by 4-6 facilitated sessions. Because of the technology available today, you can experience the whole process by connecting online. As unpredictable as our world is right now, we all need to recognize the significance of our relationships and the security they provide.



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