“The Kingdom Of God… What Is It?”

Luke 10:10-11
“But whatever city you enter, and they do not receive you, go out into its streets and say, ‘The very dust of your city which clings to us we wipe off against you. Nevertheless know this, that the kingdom of God has come near you.’”

This week, our topic is the Kingdom of God. This is a huge topic and we will only be able to scratch the surface as it literally saturates the entire New Testament. So here is our question… THE KINGDOM OF GOD… WHAT IS IT? What do you think the Kingdom of God is? How would you explain it to someone?

There are few themes so prominent in the Bible that have received such radical divergent interpretations as the “Kingdom of God”. The Kingdom of God is GOD IN TOTAL CONTROL. It is His reign and His rule. It is his divine sovereignty in action. This is God in complete, comprehensive control. He is calling the shots. He is setting the course. He is making the decisions.

QUESTION: Is God in total control of all areas of your life or are there still some areas that you are running?

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