If you are missing a little joy, it may be that you are only operating in “good.” It may even be that you are only operating in “better.” But you’re not getting to the “best” yet. Excellence is doing the best you can with what you have. The fine-tuning of a Christian’s life is not about moving from bad to good; it’s about finding excellence

Good —>>> Better —>>> Best 

When you get into this level of excellence, you really CAN rejoice in all circumstances. If we don’t get this, we simplify our options down to only two choices: either bad or good. This explains why so many of us settle for good enough when we have access to the greatness of God, doing the best with what you have.

In order to get things moving from good to better to best, you often have to say “NO” to things that are just good or better to get the best. It may seem awkward to say “no” to something good, or “no” to something better. However, when you say “no” to something good, and when you say “no” to something better, that creates space for you to say “yes” to the best opportunity.

Here is the truth.

To say “YES” to the BEST THINGS, you are going to have to say “NO” to the things that are just better and “NO” to the things that are just good. Not simply good, not slightly better, but the very BEST that God has for us! In the opening section of his letter to the Philippians, Paul gives us three areas where we should move from good… to better… to best, and experience the excellence of God in our lives.”


“I thank my God in all my remembrance of you.” Paul 

Too many times, we have thoughts that we don’t share.

Who can you encourage today? Do you have kind thoughts about someone? Do you appreciate them? If so, let them know!

Remember: The mind is a powerful thing to waste. If you have kind thoughts about someone, don’t keep it to yourself. But, also remember that everything that comes in your mind doesn’t have to could out in your conversations. 

Avoid the Really Awful Thoughts (RATS). Think about it, if someone brought a box full of rats into your home or your workplace and unleashed them, that would be nasty. You would think that is gross.

But that’s what we do in our minds sometimes. We just let these really awful thoughts (RATS) run around and wreak havoc. What we really should be doing is fighting these awful thoughts, these limiting beliefs, and replace them with liberating truths. The more we rehearse and endorse limiting beliefs in our thinking, the more they settle in and take up residence.

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.” – Romans 12:2

Too many times, we have thoughts that we don’t share.


“It is right for me to feel this way about you.” Paul 

Too many times, we have feelings that we don’t express. 

We are all experiencing strong feelings as we’ve come into 2021. But sometimes, we don’t clarify what those things are. It’s not just about information; it’s about the effects of the information on your heart.

How are you feeling right now? Have you been able to express that to someone? Our emotions are complex. Have you felt any of these core these center ones? Surprised? Bad? Fearful? Angry? Disgusted? Sad? Happy? We have all these words to describe our feelings because we have all these feelings. Let’s use them!

Too many times, we have feelings that we don’t express. 


“It is my prayer that your love may abound.” Paul 

Too many times, we have prayers we don’t voice.

We never “arrive” — Our Christian journey is continually growing us, but we will not fully “arrive” until heaven. “There is no truer indicator of a Christian’s level of spiritual maturity than his prayer life. Prayer is much more than a duty; prayer is a compulsion for the spiritually mature Christian.” – John MacArthur

HG Bosch gave a beautiful illustration of the inherent idea of the separation that is found in the word holiness and comes from the world of nature. In the forests of northern Europe and Asia lives a little animal called the ermine, known for his snow-white fur in winter. He instinctively protects his white coat against anything that would soil it.

Fur hunters take advantage of this unusual trait of the ermine. They don’t set a snare to catch him, but instead, they find his home, which is usually a cleft in a rock or a hollow in an old tree. They smear the entrance and interior with grime. 

Then the hunters set their dogs loose to find and chase the ermine. The frightened animal flees toward home but doesn’t enter because of the filth. Rather than soil his white coat, he is trapped by the dogs and captured while preserving his purity. For the ermine, purity is more precious than life. O, that we all had the mindset of the ermine in winter!

REMEMBER: “The more holy a person becomes, the more conscious they are of their unholiness.” – Charles Spurgeon

Too many times, we have thoughts that we don’t share. Too many times, we have feelings that we don’t express. Too many times, we have prayers we don’t voice.

So, here are three ways to get the best and be the best today.

  1. Share your thoughts with one person.
  2. Express your feelings with someone you love.
  3. Pray for the people who matter most.