Afterthoughts | May 24, 2020

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SERIES TITLE: Who’s Your One?

SERMON TITLE: Andrew’s Vision of Value

SCRIPTURE: John 1:40-42

On Sunday afternoons at the Cutchins’ home, we usually have some early afternoon coffee, and find ourselves discussing the morning message. “AFTERTHOUGHTS is our way of sharing the conversation and discussion with you. In each post, we will ask five questions to spark discussion over a cup of coffee.


  • What stood out to you?
  • What did you think needs more discussion?
  • What were your biggest takeaways?
  • What did you find most challenging?
  • Why did you think this message was important?

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2 thoughts on “Afterthoughts | May 24, 2020


    What stood out to you?: (no brag) but the similarities I have with Andrew, I like to listen to others and try to help them one at a time.
    What did you think needs more discussion?: How we can practice the values that Andrew lived by. That doing things one at a time can be just as if not even more effective as doing big amounts at once. Also how to not let anyone deter us from doing what we know is right, Andrew never let anything stop him from doing what he knew was right or doing what he liked (which was sharing the Good news). I can remember times in my past when I felt like I wasn’t aloud to do what I knew was right, or what could work out even better.
    What were your biggest takeaways?: That even the most powerful and most influencial people can leave their mark and STILL not get allot of credit.
    What did you find most challenging? ?
    Why did you think this message was important?: This is one of those sermons where EVERYONE can learn something new. So many stories are seen as lessons to only certain people and that others usually don’t. (Does that make sense?)

  2. It was a blessing to listen to your sermon points. We used to do this at our home groups when Pastor Bullock was at High Pointe Baptist Church. I was one of the home group leader. I also loved the fact that you have a great mission mind and connecting with this local missionary in Nepal. My passion is missions and I love to connect with them and encourage them. Pastor Bullock taught me in this area too. When I travel for my job internationally, I spend my weekends with local as well as with American missionaries.

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