So…I am in the last weeks of work in North Carolina and am moving to Austin, Texas to start a new season of life. Big move. Just this past Tuesday, I had my weekly lunch at Monte’s Sandwich shop with Ken Wooten, a godly man who disciples me. We were talking and he said something to me that has stuck with me this week…

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA“If you want to see how much God NEEDS YOU, just put your hand in a bucket of water, pull it out, and see how much of a hole is left.”

I love Ken for many reasons, but mostly because he keeps me grounded. This simple thought reminded me of how amazing God really is…check out a few things we know about God.

  • God has unlimited power.
  • There is no place where God is not.
  • God is self-existent.
  • God is unchangeable in His nature.
  • God knows all things—past, present, and future.
  • God is life, while all other things have life as a gift from Him.
  • God is without boundaries, a being beyond the limits of the created universe.
  • God cannot be measured and is unlimited in extension.
  • God is completely and totally everything that He could possibly be.
  • God has an unerring ability to choose the right means to accomplish His will.
  • God exists in and of Himself, independent of anything else.
  • God is perfect: Flawless, excellent, complete, sound, blameless, without blemish, safe, entire, whole, and finished.

For me, there is a leadership lesson here…but also a relational one. Right now, take a moment with me to be overwhelmed at the thought that God is also Love, and that He loves you and me. “God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.” Romans 5:8

God didn’t get a good deal when he friended us. Quite the opposite.

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