“Digging Deeper” is an opportunity for you to continue the study of God’s Word throughout the week.


Romans 15:7
Therefore, accept one another, just as Christ also accepted us to the glory of God.

“One Another” is a phrase that is used throughout the New Testament by various writers and in numerous contexts. This week, we will look at five “One Another” statements. A relationship with God will be characterized by unconditional love and acceptance. In fact, the Bible, God’s love letter to us, reveals some very real people that had real struggles. For some reason, God didn’t choose to clean up everyone and every story in the Bible for us. Instead, He shows us real people dealing with real issues. Because of this, some of the stories in the Bible sometimes read like a gossip column.

Why would God include so many messy stories in the Bible? Perhaps, God wants us to see that no one is “normal” and no one is perfect. Despite people’s messy lives, He still loves them unconditionally. He wants you to accept others the same way He accepts you… with unconditional love.

When you are tempted to reject someone, for whatever reason, reach out instead. When you want to argue with someone, accept him or her instead.

When you experience and understand God’s acceptance, it gives you the ability to accept other people. God will be glorified and, over time, that person will be changed by the power of acceptance.

Challenge: Accept one another, in the same way, to the same degree, with the same intensity as Jesus accepted you… unconditionally.