Dr. Stephen Gregory Cutchins


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Above are a few pictures from my graduation on May 5th, 2012 from the Doctorate of Ministry Program at Southern Evangelical Seminary in Charlotte, NC.

I would like to thank the following people:

Wendy Cutchins—my wife and partner in life, who is a gift from God.

Madelyn and Sarah Cutchins—my daughters, who teach me how to be Dad.

Jean Cutchins Parkhurst—my Mother (living), who kept me from ever doubting that I am loved.

Dr. Fred L. Cutchins—my Dad (deceased), who continues to inspire me even in his absence.

Pastor Rodney Cripps—my pastor, mentor, and friend, who has taught me the Word of God.

Dr. Barry Leventhal—my teacher, mentor, and friend, who has provided rigorous instruction and insight.

Dr. Norman Geisler—my teacher and mentor, who has always taken time to answer my questions.

Pastor Steve All—my colleague and friend, who has shared his life wisdom with me.

Elizabeth Stewart—my team member and friend whose encouragement fueled the last lap of this project.

Jo E Poluszek—my team member and friend whose support and encouragement has helped me succeed.

Bobbi Whitehead—my team member and friend, who has put in endless hours of work in support of me.

Michael Stewart—my friend whose endless red marks of editing genius have kept me up many nights.

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