Prove It

Prove it. This is the cry of a generation that is both skeptical of truth and hostile toward Christianity. Too many people are turning away from Christianity, and God, because they have questions and challenges that go unanswered. Because of this, Christianity is viewed by many as an insanity that is only for the weak-minded and misguided. The purpose of this book is to introduce the basic concepts, contenders, and criticisms of Christianity and prepare the reader to provide a defense for the hope that is in them (1 Pet. 3:15). The importance of this book, and others like it, cannot be overstated from both a practical and an academic sense.

The local church has a serious responsibility to defend the basic concepts of the Christian faith but cannot keep up with the attacks without basic tools and training that will equip Christians to love people enough to answer their hard questions. Unless the church is equipped to deal with the intellectual mind that is rejecting the existence of God, the objective nature of truth, and the validity of miracles, a generation will be lost to the lies and confusion of false teaching. This book will enhance the readers’ potential in the areas of apologetics (pre-evangelism) and evangelism. Prove It is now in its second edition and also has an accompanying small group curriculum that can be used by churches.

“Prove It by Stephen Cutchins is one of the best written, best organized, and most timely books to fill the need to provide a defense for our faith. Never has the evangelical church needed books like this more than today. Every pastor, every parent, every Sunday School teacher, and every youth worker needs this book. I highly recommend it.”

—Dr. Norman Geisler

“This helpful guide hits home with the Millennial generation.”

—George Barna and Jimmy Meyers

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