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“Prove It by Stephen Cutchins is one of the best surveys of apologetics that you’ll ever find. I used the book in a course I taught on Christian Apologetics in the Graduate School of Ministry at Dallas Baptist University. The students loved it! Stephen’s online supplemental curriculum materials are a real bonus and invaluable resources for any classroom or small group study setting.”

Dr. Jim Lemons, Professor of Theological Studies and Leadership
Dallas Baptist University | Dallas, TX

The purpose of this twenty-eight lesson online Christian Apologetics course is to introduce the basic concepts, contenders, and criticisms of Christianity and prepare participants to provide a defense for the hope that is in them (1 Pet. 3:15). This video series enhances participants’ potential in the areas of apologetics (pre-evangelism) and evangelism. The presentations includes research-based content from the original Prove It book that has been used in Bible Colleges, Universities, Seminaries, and local churches across the United States. You can have full 90-day access for only $297.00.


  • 28 videos that cover all eight chapters of Prove It
  • 2 semester’s worth of apologetic training content
  • Training designed for anyone who is curious and growing
  • Over 400 slides with teaching commentary
  • 90-day access to all 28 videos available for only $297.00


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Roe vs. Wade | An Open Letter

JUNE 24th, 2022

An open letter to our church family…

The US Supreme Court issued a landmark decision today overturning Roe vs. Wade in a six-to-three decision after nearly fifty years.

Let’s be clear. We celebrate this decision because we are a life-affirming family of faith. We believe God is the Author of life, and life begins at conception. I want to encourage and lead our church to be life-affirming on every level and in every way. All people, from the unborn to the abortion provider, are loved by God and created in his image.

Let’s be gracious. I want to challenge you to speak the truth with tremendous grace in one-on-one conversations and on all platforms, especially social media. God calls us to be the salt and light to our dark world and do so with humility and grace. We remain committed to being kind, caring, and empathetic to women and families in difficult life situations that cause them to consider abortion.

Let’s be realistic. The overturning of Roe will not end unplanned pregnancy nor the realities of abortion. Abortion will not be overcome by legal measures but by the Holy Spirit’s ongoing work in people’s lives. God works through us to be redemptive in all things and to speak the truth in love.

Let’s be prayerful. Join me in praying for God’s power and protection during these divisive days. Pray for the protection of the unborn and their parents and those who provide support to them: their extended family, friends, churches, and others. Over the next month, I believe our church family should prayerfully consider taking up an offering for a local crisis pregnancy center.

Thank you for your Christ-centered support of life-affirming work as a church family. May the Spirit move powerfully among us for God’s glory and the good of all people.

Pastor Stephen

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