Online Course

“Prove It by Stephen Cutchins is one of the best surveys of apologetics that you’ll ever find. I used the book in a course I taught on Christian Apologetics in the Graduate School of Ministry at Dallas Baptist University. The students loved it! Stephen’s online supplemental curriculum materials are a real bonus and invaluable resources for any classroom or small group study setting.”

Dr. Jim Lemons, Professor of Theological Studies and Leadership
Dallas Baptist University | Dallas, TX

The purpose of this twenty-eight lesson online Christian Apologetics course is to introduce the basic concepts, contenders, and criticisms of Christianity and prepare participants to provide a defense for the hope that is in them (1 Pet. 3:15). This video series enhances participants’ potential in the areas of apologetics (pre-evangelism) and evangelism. The presentations includes research-based content from the original Prove It book that has been used in Bible Colleges, Universities, Seminaries, and local churches across the United States. You can have full 90-day access for only $297.00.


  • 28 videos that cover all eight chapters of Prove It
  • 2 semester’s worth of apologetic training content
  • Training designed for anyone who is curious and growing
  • Over 400 slides with teaching commentary
  • 90-day access to all 28 videos available for only $297.00


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