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“Stephen and Wendy are so awesome at this! Great encouragement. This really speaks to most everyone of us! Thanks for your insight!”

Dave Dupree, Worship Pastor
Fielder Church | Arlington, TX

know who you are

“Great information that plays out experientially.”

Jeff R. | Subscriber

“Love it! Thanks! So Beautiful! Thank you so much!” 

Leah B. | Subscriber

Stephen and Wendy Cutchins are Christian leaders committed to regularly posting relatable content. They help curious and growing people answer hard questions about life, leadership, and learning so they can know who they are and defend what they believe.

Wendy and I are humbled and encouraged to share our blog with you! As a couple, we have been praying about launching this collaborative effort for years. Throughout each year, we will regularly post new content, and we want you to have access. To receive the instant notifications of new posts, add your email and push the subscribe button.

We plan to post 3-4 times per month on the following topics.

  • Answers to tough questions about life, leadership, and learning
  • Spiritual growth ideas to inspire your personal development
  • Biblical content to encourage you in your faith journey
  • Personal stories from both Stephen and Wendy that connect

Excellent! Wonderful!

Chuck L. | Subscriber

Love this and needed this!!!!! Thank you!!!!! 

Shannon D. | Subscriber

Thank you for these powerful words. Really hits home with me. These truths I really needed to hear.

Judi P. | Subscriber

I am really enjoying these. Seriously, I really like these!!! So glad you’re doing this!

Cindy M. | Subscriber

“I really appreciate your writings. Thanks for your faithfulness in taking the time and and energy to put this blog out!”

Richard D. | Subscriber

Thank you so much for utilizing your gift. Today’s blog was exceptional. I am grateful to God for you.

Terry L. | Subscriber

Thank you for the reminder. I really enjoy your thoughts.”

Cookie E. | Subscriber

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